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We pour our hearts into simplifying life with big ideas for little hands. That's our promise to families around the world. When we learned that up to 65% of formula is milk or milk by-products, we began our search for the world's best milk.

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Because most formula is up to 65% milk or milk by-products, it was imperative that we find the best.

We went more than the extra distance. We went thousands of extra kilometres, on a two-year expedition

We searched high and low, and ended up on the other side of the world.

We landed in Canterbury, New Zealand, where everything is pure, pristine, and natural.

“Our grass fed milk is the
highest quality milk in the world.”

"Steve Dunn, CEO"

Our formula goes beyond organic. We believe the more grass in a cow's diet, the better the milk quality and that's why we created a new standard.

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New Zealand is one of the few places in the world with the ideal climate to raise 100% grass fed cows that graze year-round in beautiful pastures. Temperate weather, year-round grass, rainfall and rolling fields means we can give cows a healthy environment. Not only do our cows produce more nutritious milk, but they also live long, happy lives.

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“Reddecliffe’s cows eating exactly what they should eat – diets of 100% grass.”
“We love our kids being outdoors and doing everything they possibly can.”
“The cows love the grass...they get to run out in the paddocks, bouncing round the fields.”